Sophi Tranchell MBE

Managing Director, Divine Chocolate, 
Sophi Tranchell (Credit Richard Nicholson)

Sophi is Managing Director of Divine Chocolate Ltd, the innovative Fairtrade company co-owned by cocoa farmers. Previously she worked for the Metro Tartan art cinema group, introducing top foreign films to big new UK audiences. Both in her personal and work life, Sophi has always, from a young age been active in supporting social justice, leading her also to be very curious about who owns who in the business world.

As well as growing a popular Fairtrade chocolate brand in a highly competitive market, for 13 years she has campaigned energetically for the terms of trade for smallscale producers to change, and promoted more socially responsible business models. Sophi has been an elected director and co-chair of Social Enterprise London and, as Chair of the Fairtrade London steering committee, she successfully led the campaign to ‘Make London a Fairtrade City’.

In 2010 she was given a Social Entrepreneur Award of the Year by Ernst & Young, and in 2013 she was awarded a Good Deals Pioneer Award for leading social entrepreneurs. In the New Year’s Honours List 2008/09 Sophi was made an MBE for services to the food industry, and is on the London Food Board led by Rosie Boycott. 

At Responsible Business Week, Sophi will be speaking at the session Inspiring Responsible Entrepreneurship in partnership with Santander.