Stefan Orlowski

Former Managing Director, Heineken, 

Stefan Orlowski was appointed as UK Managing Director of HEINEKEN in July 2009 from his previous position as Group Commerce Director for HEINEKEN NV.

He is a qualified barrister and solicitor and began his career in the commercial law firm Arthur Robinson & Hedderwicks in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1992 he moved on to work with a private brewery investment group in a variety of management roles including CEO of Warka Breweries Ltd and CEO of Elbrewery Company Ltd.

In 1998 Stefan became Sales, Marketing and Distribution Director for Zywiec, SA, Heineken’s Polish operating business, and from 2003 – 2006 was Chief Operating Officer, first of Brau Union AG and subsequently of Heineken Central & Eastern Europe.

Stefan then worked for Harbin VB, a private investment firm in Australia before taking on his role as Group Commerce Director, Heineken NV in 2007.

In his role at HEINEKEN NV, Stefan sat on the 2020 Steering Group which reviewed Heineken’s approach to sustainability issues with the aim to develop fewer, bigger sustainable targets. It was this group that established HEINEKEN’S 10 year Sustainability Strategy – Brewing a Better Future.

Stefan continues to demonstrate his commitment to leading a sustainable and responsible business in the UK through the company’s achievement of Business in the Community’s Platinum Plus status in 2011; his leading a Seeing is Believing visit for Heineken’s UK Management Team in 2010 which led to the delisting of Strongbow Black; and now, his appointment as Chair of Business in the Community’s Marketplace Leadership Team.

Stefan is married with two children and lives in central London.