Ummar Hanif

Sieff Winner 2014, North East - Neighbourhood Manager, 
Ummar Hanif, Neighbourhood Manager, Thirteen Group

Ummar is real advocate of the values of Thirteen Group, committed to improving the communities where he works with a passion for developing new approaches to working. He has been an integral part of the board advisory team looking at strategic risks to the business, and has been quick to response to the challenges and threats to the sustainability of the social housing business. Social housing is a challenging environment, working in some of the most disadvantaged areas, Ummar has responded by excelling in his career.

“Ummar has been a rapidly rising star since he was part of our ‘Open House’ project in 2006 which targeted people from BME communities to consider housing as a profession. Ummar has constantly demonstrated his undisputed abilities with his flair for developing new initiatives, bringing fresh thinking to our approach to neighbourhood management and using his drive and vision to respond to the challenges and threats to social housing. He is a real asset to, and ambassador for, the Thirteen Group, never taking opportunities for granted and volunteering in his spare time to help others fulfil their ambitions.”

Alison Thain, Chief Executive, Thirteen Group