Leadership at Business in the Community

Our values underpin our relationships with others in the organisation and with our stakeholders. They also underpin the way we behave as leaders.

We believe that our core values are key to effective leadership at Business in the Community

Leaders at Business in the Community should:

  • Encourage pioneering ideas and actions in the team and individuals

  • Harness passion to inspire others to achieve more than they thought possible of themselves.

  • Build collaboration within the team and across the organisation

  • Act with integrity in all leadership situations, promoting equality of opportunity and diversity

  • Achieve impact through focus in business and campaigning activities

This means leaders must:

  • Set clear objectives that align with the vision and the business plan. Translate into simple messages and clear measures.

  • Set challenging targets. Review performance formally at least twice a year. Review targets more regularly and continually stretch individuals.

  • Take responsibility for developing individuals and improving performance. Give regular, constructive feedback. Discuss areas for improvement, provide on the job development opportunities and develop action plans where appropriate. Provide support, coaching and training and create opportunities afterwards for review and evaluation.

  • Provide structure, clear accountability and resource to encourage effective team working and individual motivation.

  • Brief the team together face to face monthly. Communicate positively. Encourage understanding of why the task matters and where individuals and teams contribute to the overall task.

  • Encourage sharing and networking of best practice. Encourage all individuals to achieve their potential and develop new ideas and work collaboratively. Support realistic risk takers.

  • Consult widely and regularly. Listen to views. Explain decisions clearly after consulting. Show humility. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – learn from them.

  • Apply standards consistently and challenge poor performance. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Avoid favouritism. Accept personal accountability. Have the courage to take difficult decisions and have tough conversations.

  • Encourage with genuine praise and thanks. Make work fun. Reward and recognise achievement. Catch people doing right. Communicate with enthusiasm. Be positive. Celebrate good news.

  • Treat others with respect. Show your trust in people by delegating to individuals. Value diversity and encourage staff from diverse backgrounds to develop their potential.

  • Walk the job regularly. Be visible, accessible and approachable. Work with individuals and the team. Attend social and volunteering events