What we stand for

Our vision is for every business to act responsibly and so ensure a fairer society and a more sustainable future.


• Being ambitious
• Thinking creatively
• Challenging the norm
• Leading through innovation

• Leading by example
• Being proud of what we do
• Believing in the mission

• Seeking and sharing knowledge
• Listening to and valuing each others’ contributions
• Recognising achievements
• Getting involved

Acting with integrity
• Respecting each other
• Respecting your commitments
• Being consistent and fair
• Being honest and transparent

• Moving together in one direction
• Delivering results to achieve our mission
• Staying (keeping) relevant to our mission
• Delivering excellence in all we do

Business in the Community's own responsible business: 'Walking the Talk'~

Business in the Community’s values commit us to be focused, passionate, pioneering, collaborative and to act with integrity.

We strive to ensure that what we do internally is aligned to the asks that we make of our members. Walking the talk is fundamental to all we do.

‘Walk the Talk’ is our internal terminology for our work in this area.



To read our latest policies and objectives for sustainability here at Business in the Community please download the PDFs and .docs listed below.



Leadership at Business in the Community

Our values underpin our relationships with others in the organisation and with our stakeholders. They also underpin the way we behave as leaders.

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