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12 September 2018
Equal Lives reveals that men and women have very similar attitudes and desires in relation to balancing work and caring responsibilities.During 2018, over 10,000 employees told us about their experiences, attitudes and aspirations in relation to...
28 November 2017
The ageing population is leading to an older talent pool, this talent pool is not receiving the training and skills development they need to succeed in the digital era, and with technology shaping the jobs of tomorrow, the results raise concerns...
08 October 2018
We have made huge strides in both awareness and action, and employers are increasingly taking an active role in supporting good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. However, as our third national mental health at work survey, part of a...
04 October 2017
Talk: Break the culture of silence that surrounds mental health by taking the Time to Change Employers Pledge  Train: Invest in basic mental health literacy for all employees  Take action:  Implement the practical guidance found in Business in the...