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Profile your award achievement to your stakeholders for two more years by reaccrediting. If your business was a winner, highly commended, finalist or shortlisted in 2016, or reaccredited a 2015 award last year, you can apply for a reaccreditation in 2017.

Please note: the deadline for all Award submissions including Reaccreditations has been extended to 5pm GMT on Friday 17 February 2017.

All you need to do is to demonstrate the continuing positive impact of your programme.

Why reaccredit?

With reaccreditation a quick and easy process, the question should be - why not? Join the many businesses each year who choose to reaccredit in order to:

  • demonstrate their continuing commitment to, and success of, their CR programme;

  • continue to raise their profile and celebrate their award success through our online case studies and use of the reaccreditation planter;

  • maintain their achievement status over three years while increasing the level of impact, with the aim of submitting a brand new entry in a subsequent year from a stronger position.


The option to reaccredit your achievement is only available for the two years immediately following the initial award*. Therefore, eligibility for reaccreditation in 2017 will be restricted to:

  • Successful companies awarded in 2015 (including those reaccredited in 2016) or 2016.

Please note: some categories from 2015 and 2016 are not running this year. However, any companies that were successful in those categories in 2015 and 2016 are still eligible to reaccredit in 2017.

If you have any queries about your eligibility to reaccredit, please contact

Please note that reaccreditation applications will not be considered for the 2017 Awards shortlist, and so will not be able to win in their category.  If you wish your programme to be considered for the shortlist in your category, you must submit a full entry.

Criteria and assessment

Reaccreditation submissions will be considered by Awards assessors as part of the 2017 assessment process. Reaccreditation is not guaranteed. It will only be awarded to submissions that can clearly demonstrate:

  • The quality of management is being maintained (and improved where appropriate);

  • There is evidence (both quantitative and qualitative) that the programme has continuing benefits for the business and for society.

If you are unsure if you can reaccredit your achievement please contact Awards team on

*Entries for the Responsible Business of the Year Award are not eligible for reaccreditation.

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