Best Employers for Race 2018

Best Employers for Race 2018 - Upward facing arrows on a white background


What is the Best Employers for Race List? 
The listing identifies the best employers in the UK for race diversity and equality. Establishing a list was a key recommendation the government-sponsored independent McGregor-Smith Review: Race in the workplace as a call to all UK employers to encourage faster movement towards truly inclusive workplaces where opportunities for recruitment and progression can be equally accessed by ethnic minorities.  
Action is the only way to create lasting impact and to remove persistent barriers to ethnic minority recruitment and progression.  The Best Employers for Race listing acknowledges employers that are taking a pro-active approach to tackling racial inequalities in their organisations.

How to Enter 
Free to enter, with no hidden costs, the Best Employers for Race List 2018 is open to all employers, irrespective of size or sector and we would like to see small employers participate this year too. 

There is a single combined entry process for both the Best Employers for Race List and the Business in the Community Race Equality Awards 2018.  Entry into the Best Employers for Race List consists of a short question set and the submission of a case study via one quick and easy entry process. 


Three Step Participation Process

1. Request your password for the entry portal from  Ann- Marie Lawrence.

2. Download the information and guidance document. This contains all the information you need to complete your submission.  Further information is available on the entry portal. 

3. Complete the online entry form, ensuring the box is checked if you also would like to be considered for a Business in the Community Race Equality Award, as participation in these is not mandatory.

Submit the form. 

The entry process is open until Wednesday, May 02 2018 and the successful organisations will be notified on 03 September 2018. 


Good luck!