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The 2013 BITC Sustainable Futures Summit - Start Local


Time: to

Keele Hall, Keele University Keele ST5 5BG

The 2013 Sustainable Futures Summit will bring together leaders and decision makers to explore ways to build economic resilience and prosperity for businesses and communities across the UK in the rapidly changing global context of the 9 billion challenge.

The Summit will:

  • explore the 9 billion challenge, the risks and opportunities to build for local economic prosperity and resilience in relation to key aspects such as food, water and energy

  • provide a forum to develop practical, action orientated ideas that promote innovation, collaboration and leadership towards a sustainable future

This event will include facilitated roundtable discussions - with opportunities for networking and sharing ideas - focused on practical actions and methods of collaboration that can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, prosperous and resilient future for businesses and communities.


Inspiring and challenging speakers including Jonathan Porritt CBE, Dr Alan Knight, Marketplace Sustainability Director at Business in the Community,  Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals at the Co-operative Group, Chris Matthews, Head of Sustainability at United Utilities, Fiona Stark, Corporate Affairs Director at E.ON and Joan Walley MP.

Focusing in on these topics:

  1. The future of growth and sustainable capitalism - What does sustainable capitalism look like? Where will growth come from? What if growth doesn’t return, if flat or contracting is the new normal? How do we build resilience, prosperity and economic participation opportunities now and in the future?

  2. Building local resilience and economic well being by delivering key elements of a high quality lifestyle through local jobs, enterprise and supply chains to boost economic wellbeing. With a focus on energy, water and food

  3. How can we all take action that promotes innovation and transformation? 'All' meaning businesses, LEPs, local and national government, communities and individuals.


This is an invitation only event. Please contact Nicola Prince for more information or to register.