Access the Buyer - Food & Drink


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Princes Wharf Wapping Road
Bristol BS1 4RN

Business in the Community, supported by Santander, has developed the Access the Buyer programme to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) access large business supply opportunities.

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014, in partnership with Veolia. Read more.


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Business in the Community (BITC) in partnership with Santander would like to invite you to the Access the Buyer - Food & Drink event taking place in Bristol on 3 April.

BITC is running a national series of events in conjunction with Santander, bringing selected buyers and suppliers together with the aim to do business and help SMEs grow and create jobs.

The aim of the event is to bring four or five buyers from large organisations together with SMEs in the Food & Drink sector.  We hope to equip the attending SMEs with knowledge, expertise and insight into what they need to consider and develop in order to access supply chains and secure contracts from large businesses.  The day is about sharing, learning, building collaborative and innovative partnerships, and delivering tangible outcomes to support growth and job creation.

We will also give SMEs the opportunity and a platform to demonstrate the services they provide through a combination of interactive break-out sessions and networking.

SMEs are invited to attend the event based on their previous contract history and ability to grow and create jobs.  In order to clarify your status, we ask you to complete this short online survey.

Upon completion of the survey, we will confirm your attendance at the event.  This will be done as applications are received by us, with a closing date of 19 March and final applications confirmed by 26 March.

Please note that there is no charge for you to take part in the event. Refreshments and lunch will be provided for you on the day.

If you are an SME in the Food & Drink sector and would like to attend, please fill in our online registration form.  To find out more, please contact Nicola Prince.