Campaign Workshop Series - Mental Health: We're ready to talk... Are you?


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Gentoo Sunderland

BITC MEMBERS ONLY. This practical workshop will provide inspiring ideas and practical action for taking a strategic and integrated approach to embedding wellbeing into the culture of your organisation.

This event will look at how you can take a strategic and holistic approach to employee wellbeing, and create the conditions for the whole person to thrive.  It will feature speakers from Gentoo Group, whose outstanding employee wellbeing programme, Happy, Healthy and Here, was winner of BITC’s 2014 National Workwell Award.

The purpose of Happy, Health and Here is to enable staff to be happier, healthier and more engaged in life by:

  • Looking after employees as individuals by taking a ‘whole’ person, including mental, physical and social health

  • Increasing health awareness in the workplace to educate and inform them of healthy living and services to enhance their wellbeing

  • Offering a wide range of health and social activities to bring staff together in a dispersed workplace, enhancing one of Gentoo’s values of ‘Living Authentic Relationships’

Gentoo has worked with 42 external stakeholders to shape and deliver the programme, including local and national organisations, enabling them to deliver a great deal on a very small budget.

Speaker list:

  • Louise Aston, Director at Business in the Community, who will give an overview of BITC’s Workwell programme and the Workwell Model.

  • Peter Walls, Group Chief Executive, Gentoo, who will explain why Gentoo is positioning wellbeing as a strategic boardroom issue and how this links to driving sustainable performance.

  • Michelle Haste, Employee Wellbeing Manager, Gentoo will bring to life a three pronged approach (prevention, early intervention, treatment) to practical action.