Challenging the norm: the rise of the office intrapreneur


Time: to

Frobisher Rooms 1, The Barbican
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Companies are seeing a rise in workplace innovators who are eager to create positive change. How can we reach this untapped pool of resources and cultivate their unconventional approaches to building the future?

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014, in partnership with Veolia Environnement
Responsible Business Week 2014 planter
Delegates will:

  • Hear from experts showcasing how intrapreneurism steers a responsible approach to business

  • Participate in discussion with other CR & HR practitioners

  • Take away practical solutions to implement in the workplace

Confirmed Speakers:

Responsible Business Week is the largest annual conversation about responsible business.

On 2 April, we will convene innovators from across the world to help foster some extraordinary collaborations and drive a new wave of global innovation. We will be looking at the hottest business models and innovations that are creating new markets, transforming existing ones and encouraging co-creation for the good of people and planet.

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