Community Investment Masterclass


Time: to

Plym House, 3 Longbridge Road Marsh Hills
Plymouth PL6 8LT

Business in the Community has developed the Community Investment Masterclass to support companies in their progression along the Community Investment journey.

During these interactive sessions attendees will engage in peer-to-peer learning to develop an in-depth and practical understanding of the five principles of Community Investment and how these can be applied to their businesses. 

Facilitators will use company case studies to support learning and the sessions will be hosted by a CommunityMark company, who will talk about their community investment journey and how they reached excellence.

Masterclass will cover the following:

  • Setting the context  - the face of community investment now

  • The Community Investment journey, from beginner to advanced and beyond

  • The 5 principles of community investment, an interactive exploration of each principle supported with case studies and a guest speaker

  • A brief introduction to the CommunityMark

Masterclass groups will be small and the sessions interactive, enabling companies to benefit from 1:1 support from facilitators and engagement with their peers.