CR Risk and Materiality


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This course will help to prioritise your most important CR activities and bring more clarity to the risk and opportunities present in Corporate Responsibility.

By introducing you to a risk framework we will show you how to determine the most material issues using an impact and likelihood assessment tool. Through this method you will also gain more focus to enhance your communications for better internal buy in. We will also introduce you to the process of ensuring that appropriate structures are in place to govern these issues.

This course is also offered as part of the CR Management programme

Who should attend?

This course is primarily for CR Practitioners, however risk or business unit managers will also benefit from attending this course.

What will I get out of attending?

By the end of the course, attendees should have:

  • A practical walk through of an impact and likelihood assessment of corporate responsibility issues.

  • A detailed set of tools and techniques for delivering a materiality assessment.

  • How to align those tools with existing management processes.

  • How to communicate a strong business case using a risk analysis framework to present a strong business case for CR.

  • Insight from a company guest speaker case study presentation.

  • Using appropriate levels of governance for various business risks

Additionally, their organisations will benefit from:

  • A better understanding of risk and materiality in relation to CR.

  • A fuller and more robust business case for CR.

Course outline

  • The Business Context

  • Understanding Impact and Likelihood Issues

  • Identification and Prioritisation

  • Practical Implementation - the business perspective

  • Governance of prioritised risks

Please note this course is now full