Creating a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce: the GSK experience


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Business in the Community
137 Shepherdess Walk
London N1 7RQ

How do you combine employee wellbeing and engagement in a strategic approach to delivery and public reporting to create a virtuous circle of ongoing improvement? Find out at this event.

In this roundtable workshop, GSK will share their experiences of using the BITC Workwell Model to create a strategic, holistic and integrated approach to employee wellbeing and engagement. They will also discuss how they have increased their Workwell Benchmark scores year on year, and how participating in the benchmark can help to drive improvement in people management practices, to help create a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce.

The workshop will open with a presentation and introductory remarks from Sarah Dyson, Corporate Responsibility Performance Manager for GSK.  Sarah will then open out the workshop for Q&As and invite you to share your own experiences and thoughts on the challenges of taking a strategic and integrated approach to employee wellbeing and the role of public reporting in driving better people management.

Please contact Kim Loliya if you wish to attend this event.