Disability & Employment: Recruiting Your Talent Pipeline


Time: to

Frazer Jones
95 Queen Victoria Street
London EC4V 4HN

A workshop that will focus on transparent conversations between disabled job seekers and businesses.

Employment in the UK continues to rise; however, a concerning trend has emerged. There is a persistent lack of opportunity for disabled people or those with a long-term health issue and there is a significant employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people.

We are in danger of ignoring a group of talented people who can bring great skills and diversity to our workforce.

What the day will involve
This workshop will focus on transparent conversations between disabled job seekers and businesses and will provide employers with an opportunity to:

  • Hear from disabled job seekers regarding their experiences of looking for work
  • Discuss the skills that their businesses are looking for and how they might best be able to access disabled job seekers who have these skills
  • Find out about resources that businesses can tap into in order to better support disabled employees
  • Share best practice with businesses and leading disabled people’s organisations
  • Learn about practical steps that they can take to close the disability employment gap

Refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Contact details
You will receive your personal invitation, please RSVP to E: Anna.Fahy@bitc.org.uk by Thursday 22nd March. 
Please note: Attendance at this event is by invitation only.  If you can’t attend but would like a colleague to do so, please advise Anna Fahy.