Disruptive innovation and future-fit business models


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Barbican Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Is this the year when ‘sustainability’ pushes the boundaries from being a business case for saving money and improving reputations to shaping business models and whole sectors? Join BITC, Forum for the Future, Wrap, and WWF-UK to explore this.

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014
Responsible Business Week 2014 planterBITC, Forum for the Future, Wrap, and WWF-UK are collaborating to build a joint call for disruptive innovation that builds business models fit for the future. BITC’s recent report "Fortune Favours the Brave"  suggested that sustainability could bring another £100 billion into the UK economy, but only for those who are brave and try.

Likewise, ignoring the mega-trends places business as risk. So just what does it take to make your business future fit, some small incremental change, or will it take disruptive innovation to get there? This workshop will explore what we mean by future fit and how business can move from business as usual sustainability to disruptive (but productive) innovation.

Speakers include:

David Bent, Forum for the Future

Representatives from WWF-UK, WRAP and BITC.

There are only 20 spaces at this event, so availability will be on a first come first serve basis.


Members can book a complimentary one-day pass and network from 8.30am to the end of day drinks. The day pass includes the opening plenary, Exploration Stations over a complimentary lunch, with workshops and forums of your choice during the day, all followed by the end-of-day networking drinks. Registration and networking will begin at 08:30.

Responsible Business Week is the largest annual conversation about responsible business.

On 2 April, we will convene innovators from across the world to help foster some extraordinary collaborations and drive a new wave of global innovation. We will be looking at the hottest business models and innovations that are creating new markets, transforming existing ones and encouraging co-creation for the good of people and planet.