Does fortune favour the brave? Is business brave enough to innovate for the sustainability challenge?


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Frobisher Auditorium 1
The Barbican Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

This big plenary debate, developed in partnership with Tata, will look at the commercial opportunities presented by our fast changing world, whether these opportunities are being realised and if not, why not?

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014
Responsible Business Week 2014 planter
Business as usual is no longer possible in light of global mega trends such as balance shifts from West to East and North to South, the fact resources can no longer be claimed by all, the interconnectedness of global communities and the growth in transparency—your business is everybody’s business— an increasingly volatile climate, and a growing decline in blind consumerism.

This is the new operating landscape. So, how can companies be brave enough to explore innovations such as frugal innovation, the circular economy or new consumption models that strive to be sustainable?  If they get it right there is a fortune to be had, but are we bold enough to explore, trial and deliver these innovations?

This session will explore what it takes to do this - is it money, top level engagement, is it a different approach to innovation and more radically is it re-engineering the role of the company?

Panel members:

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On 2 April, we will convene innovators from across the world to help foster some extraordinary collaborations and drive a new wave of global innovation. We will be looking at the hottest business models and innovations that are creating new markets, transforming existing ones and encouraging co-creation for the good of people and planet.

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