Equal Lives: Childcare and Caring Working Group (Public Sector)


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40 Bank Street Canary Wharf
London E14 5NR

Calling senior leaders, Diversity and Inclusion specialists and HR Directors: We invite you to take part in working groups to inform best practice recommendations in Equal Lives, the new ground-breaking research publishing Autumn 2018 in partnership with Santander UK.

Business in the Community, in partnership with Santander UK, has commissioned Avenir Consulting to conduct UK-wide research for our groundbreaking Equal Lives project.

Santander logoThe project will explore the organisational barriers and enablers for men with caring responsibilities and includes input from existing research, working men with caring responsibilities, and employers from a wide range of industries. We are now inviting employers to take part in business working groups, where public and private sector organisations can share best practice with their peers to create solutions that work for them.

The workshops will support the interview design for working fathers and inform best practice recommendations in the published research report in autumn 2018.

Who is this working group for?
The sessions are aimed at senior leaders, Diversity and Inclusion specialists or HR Directors or Managers who have knowledge about policy, current practice and can talk about cultural aspects of your organisation. You should be working within the public sector.

Why get involved?
This is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to be involved in a new solution-focused creative campaign and to showcase practical approaches to the challenges and opportunities of men with caring responsibilities. We know that what’s been done before doesn’t work – now we have a real chance to create effective change that benefits men, women and business. This is also a great opportunity to network with people within your sector.

Who will be facilitating?
The workshop will be facilitated by: