European CSR Award Best Practice Forum with Alliance Boots


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Alliance Boots
Oxford Street 361 Oxford Street, Sedley Place
London WC1 2JL

Join a group of CSR Practitioners to explore the outcomes of the inaugural European CSR Award Scheme, to learn and be inspired by the winning partnerships and to gain useful insights for your own work in Europe in this event supported by Alliance Boots.

The inaugural European CSR Award Scheme, which ran in 2013 in 30 European countries highlighted the best innovative CSR partnerships involving business and non-business organisations in Europe. The winning examples are a valuable source of case studies, insights and inspiration from which much can be learned.

For more information on the Scheme or to download a copy of the Golden Book of winning partnerships please visit:

Join a group of CSR Practitioners to explore the outcomes of this inaugural Award Scheme and gain useful insights for your own work in Europe. This event, supported by Alliance Boots will include short presentations from winning partnerships and plenty of opportunities to discuss CSR practices in Europe and internationally among CSR practitioners.  A light lunch will also be served.

Audience: CSR practitioners of companies working in Europe and internationally will find this event valuable.

The event is free to BITC members, CSR360 Global Partner Network and National Award Partner Organisations and their member companies, with a fee of £400 + VAT for all other attendees. 

To register or for any further information please contact Carole Seignovert -