The Future of Responsible Leadership


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EY office
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The way we do business is rapidly changing and the challenge for our future business leaders is in understanding and demonstrating the leadership behaviors required to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future. In Responsible Business Week 2015, Lloyds Banking Group graduates are inviting graduates from other companies to participate in a panel debate and learning session on what it means to be a responsible leader.

Lloyds Banking Group logoThrough their skills in building relationships and developing talent,, responsible leaders are able to support their organisation to succeed and thrive in today’s complex, national and global environment; increasing their organisation's performance and innovation in a way that delivers better outcomes for all.

Today’s business leaders are creating stronger advocates for the business. They are developing their future leaders in a way that encourages innovation and regains trust in business, that fosters a greater understanding of the of the opportunity responsible business can play in creating value.

At this Responsible Business Week event, Lloyds Banking Group and others will look at the issues around ensuring that the wider responsibilities of business are understood within the organisation.

By invitation only but if you would like to find out more about this event, please e-mail: Paulina Platek or Nick White

There will be plenty of opportunity for all invited delegates to participate in the debate and take part in deep-dive learning sessions.