How to create a culture of trust in your business


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Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester Met Business School All Saints Campus
Manchester M15 6BH

Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundation principle that holds all relationships." - Stephen Covey

You can try to manage performance, instil a healthy culture and create a positive team spirit as much as you like. But if you don't trust your team, and your team doesn't trust you, then you'll come up against numerous barriers. 

In this free-to-attend Masterclass, we will help you to identify what ‘trust’ really means, discovering practical techniques including:

  • Identify what trust really means and why it's key
  • An introduction to the 5 stages of the 'Trust Ladder'
  • Assess where you and your team are on the 'Trust Ladder'
  • An introduction to the CORE model to highlight mistrust
  • Recognise practical ways of building trust
  • What happens when it all goes wrong?

Speaker: Mike Ode, Owner and Director of Training Company, Potential Unearthed.