HR Director Dinner: Addressing 21st Century Skills Gaps


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London - full details on booking

This dinner will discuss the role of technology in education.

How can it be used to democratize learning, enable more children to over-achieve (not under-achieve) irrespective of means and address the huge skills gap that is growing as the current education system fails to evolve in line with technological change. The jobs for tomorrow haven't been created today. How can corporates work together to make today's children better prepared for their future? How can learning be developed in a fun way using games to improve outcomes? How can learning be supplemented in the home with technology? 

This event is kindly being supported by Azoomee, a multimedia platform that offers positive screen time and learning opportunities for 21st-century skills.

The evening will include a three course dinner.
How to book and further information
This is an invitation only event. If you think you should have received an invitation and have not, please contact Chelsie Riley, Leadership Engagement Coordinator