Integrated thinking: can sustainability go mainstream?


Time: to

Frobisher Rooms 2-3
The Barbican Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Following on from the Responsible Investment Better Business Forum, we will be asking how you can help drive integrated thinking within your business.

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014 in partnership with Veolia. Read more. 

Responsible Business Week 2014

Our expert panelists will talk about their own internal challenges and benefits of adopting an integrated approach to reporting. The session will include:

  • How companies can communicate value to investors and other stakeholders in order to achieve a sustainable economy?

  • How to best integrate non-financial reporting into the regular accounting cycle

  • What information investors are after and how useful is the Integrated Reporting framework in providing it

Confirmed speakers:

Responsible Business Week is the largest annual conversation about responsible business.

On 2 April, we will convene innovators from across the world to help foster some extraordinary collaborations and drive a new wave of global innovation. We will be looking at the hottest business models and innovations that are creating new markets, transforming existing ones and encouraging co-creation for the good of people and planet.

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