An Introduction to Social Impact Measurement


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Business in the Community
137 Shepherdess Walk
London N1 7RQ

This one day course on social impact measurement, delivered by SImetrica on behalf of Business in the Community will introduce the concepts of social impact measurement: how to define success in terms of your social impact, what you should measure, and how to assess and value your impact.

Social impact measurement is concerned with understanding your impact on society, or the social value you create, to make improved strategic and investment decisions. The seminar will support you to measure your social impact in a robust and sophisticated way in adherence with UK Government guidelines and to support you to comply with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed for people both new to social impact measurement just beginning to consider their own social impact, as well as those more familiar with the field already measuring their social impact, but interested in improvements and new developments.

Course outline

The course covers theoretical topics and the day-to-day practical application of social impact measurement tools and thinking.

  • The broad theory and philosophy behind social impact measurement.

  • In-depth discussion of the main formal methods and tools for social impact measurement.

  • An introduction to quantitative research methods for understanding impact (cause and effect) of your interventions.

  • An introduction to monetary valuation methods for use in cost-benefit analysis and SROI (including the Wellbeing Valuation approach, the latest thinking in social impact measurement).

  • How to apply social impact measurement in the context of your business.

  • A demonstration of the simple tools we have developed to measure social impact in practice

Simetrica is a leading research consultancy of academics and social scientists specialising in social impact measurement and policy evaluation.

Daniel Fujiwara, founding Director of Simetrica and co-author of the HM Treasury Green Book, will lead delivery of the course. Find out more about training offered by Simetrica.