Launch of the Missing Million research recommendations


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Friend's Life Central London

FULLY BOOKED. During Responsible Business Week 2015, Business in the Community is launching the third of is a series of three reports about the serious employment challenges facing the over-50s, preventing them from fully participating in the workforce. Hosted at Friends Life in central London.

The first report set out the challenges - one million people over 50 out of work and want a job. The second report told us more about that million people and how the current back-to-work services are not working for them. 

This third report will set out the business case, and our recommendations for action for business and government. This event represents an opportunity to take part in the development of a new strand on Age at Work at Business in the Community.

Speakers from BITC, the ILC UK and the TUC will set out the issues, and you will hear from business leaders who are taking action. The session will be chaired by Simon Fanshawe.

Friends Life is kindly hosting the launch.

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