Local Seeing is Believing visit: Collaborating to enhance the employability of young people


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Visit led by Jason Woodford, CEO SiteVisibility.

This Prince's Seeing is Believing event will explore how businesses of all sizes can collaborate in enhancing the employability prospects of young people and the homeless in Brighton.

Despite having quick and easy transport links into central London and a vibrant business base, the city of Brighton and Hove faces a number of challenges with regards to employability. Recent reports have highlited that a high proportion of the cities residents do not have the necessary skills and qualifications for jobs available within the city.

On this visit delegates will meet with community organisations who are working with those furthest from the employment, and we will discuss how businesses can collaborate in supporting these initiatives.  

Further details of this visit will be published soon.  In the meantime please contact Zoe Humphrey if you would like more information on this visit.