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Local Seeing is Believing Visit: Enterprise and cultural diversity


Time: to


Visit led by: Andrew Bacon, Director, Centrica/British Gas


This visit, sponsored by British Gas and in partnership with Business in the Community, LLEP, DWP and Leicester for Business Consortium is aiming to improve the lives of communities in Leicester.

It will focus on Enterprise and Cultural Diversity in the city and will look at the barriers faced by communities in times of recession and public sector cuts. Our aim from this visit is to build a strong business commitment to the social and economic regeneration of the Leicester City Community.

Supporting enterprise growth not only reduces worklessness and mobilises resources, but also circulates wealth within communities to improve living standards. Unemployment is an increasing problem in the UK, with the jobless total standing at 2.51m for August to October 2012. Mentoring or helping a start up business can help unemployment levels to drop and improve the local Leicester economy.

What will I get out of it?

  • Get a clear understanding of what it’s like for Leicester in a recession

  • Look at the growing trend of people setting up their own businesses

  • Talk to local community leaders

  • Look at how we can help the local business community grow

How to Book

To book a place and find out more contact Beverley Toone on or by mobile: 07739217926


Leicester’s economy is based on a very strong and diverse small business community and is not dependent on any one sector or large employer. The city has a long-standing reputation for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism. However, overall productivity (Gross Value Added), reported in the Economic Assesment (2011) is not as high as it could be for a dynamic modern city of Leicester's size, and business survival rates are lower than average.

The local economy has undergone a significant restructuring over the last 20-30 years, with substantial losses of manufacturing jobs, although this sector remains a significant part of the local economy with opportunities for growth. Other important sectors include the knowledge-based, high-tech engineering and business service sectors, food and drink manufacturing, distribution and logistics, wholesale and retail, tourism and hospitality.

The City Council feels that there is a need for a step change in levels of business growth and productivity. It has also highlighted the need to re-balance the economy – shifting the reliance on the public sector for employment by creating more jobs in the private and voluntary sectors. Leicester City Priorities for an Enterprising Leicester are to:

  • Accelerate business growth in priority sectors.

  • Strengthen our enterprise culture.

  • Improve business start-up and survival rates.