Local Seeing is Believing visit: Reducing debt and fuel poverty


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Visit led by: Sarah Fanthorpe, Head of Customer Services – Leeds, British Gas

British Gas logoThe visit will explore some key issues related to debt and fuel poverty and the role that businesses can play in helping to address these issues.  Today, 6.1 million working families are living in poverty and an estimated 1 million people resorted to pay day loans to cover the cost of Christmas.

Being in employment simply does not mean that families are coping financially and, in fact, a staggering 63 per cent of children living in poverty in the UK belong to a working household.  In Leeds alone, it is estimated that around 22,500 people have taken out payday loans to pay their bills, and 42% of young people seeking help with debt problems have taken out payday loans.  This is not just a cost to the individual; it is a cost to society which affects us all.  This visit will illustrate what business and employers generally can do to overcome some of these challenges.

To book please contact Jenny Metcalfe, Area Communications Manager,  Business in the Community on 0113 205 8205 or by email jenny.metcalfe@bitc.org.uk