Local Seeing is Believing visit: Sustainable regeneration in a high flood risk area


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Visit led by Peter Richardson, Chairman D2N2 LEP.

D2N2 Logo - Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, NottinghamshireThis Prince's Seeing is Believing event will examine how the Environment Agency and Derby City Council are looking to work in partnership with the business community to address the issue of sustainable regeneration in a high flood risk area.

In partnership with Environment AgencyIn recent years we have seen an increase in both the frequency and severity of flooding, with associated increased levels of distress and disruption to householders and businesses.  For large businesses this can have a dramatic impact, and sadly many small businesses do not recover from a serious flooding incident.

Currently, the Environment Agency and Derby City Council are investing heavily in defences that will regenerate the city of Derby, but with an emphasis on sustainable development. What does this mean for business and the city? How can business and local partners contribute and benefit from this investment and make the most of opportunities for sustainable investment? 

On the visit we will discuss how businesses can engage with these initiatives, and we will also be asking delegates to give their feedback on how this can be achieved. We will also be looking at how other organisations are addressing the issue of sustainable development.

To find out more about the visit please contact Elizabeth Edgington: email elizabeth.edgington@bitc.org.uk or call 0113 205 8222.