Mental Health First Aid Lite Training


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Beales Hotel
Comet Way Hatfield
Hertfordshire AL10 9NG

National statistics show that employers lose 70 million days through sick leave a year due to mental ill-health such as Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  The overall cost of mental health problems in England stands at £105.3 billion a year. 

  This is an accredited by Mental Health First Aid lite training session of around 3 hours. The training is a Free (funded by Public Health Hertfordshire workplace offer) it’s a ½ day session and is delivered by an accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

Aimed at:

For Hertfordshire Workplaces- aimed at Line Managers, Health and Safety and HR proffessionals.

Course Aims:

To gain a wider understanding for yourself and others of some of the issues of mental health; to work more effectively with people living with mental health issues; to understand the aims of the mental health first aid (MHFA) course; experience a taste of the content of the 2 day MHFA course.

Course ouputs:

Participants should be able to:-

  • Identify the discrimination surrounding mental health problems

  • Define mental health and some mental health problems

  • Relate to other people’s experience

  • Help support people with mental health problems

  • Look after their own mental health

  • A point of contact for people who want to engage in wellbeing activities

  • health issues, involvement in health campaigns etc.

Course details:

  • Refreshments are provided

  • Free Training funded through Public Health Hertfordshire workplace offer

  • Trainer: Accredited MHFA Practitioner Carol Duff


To book a place or for further information please email: