National Seeing is Believing visit: Business Connectors


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Visit led by: Steve Holliday, Chief Executive Officer, National Grid

Business Connectors are talented individuals seconded from business, trained by BITC, and placed in communities of greatest need. Taking a needs-led approach, they connect businesses with community organisations striving to tackle social challenges.

Business Connectors make an enormous impact on their communities and back in the business, they have an expanded set of skills, are ready to take on new challenges and have the potential to lead their company into the future.

With a focus on the work of Connectors from National Grid and Lloyds Banking Group, business leaders will have the opportunity to see first-hand the benefits to business and communities of participating in the Business Connector programme.

After the visit, we ask you to reflect on what you have seen and to take action within your business. The secondment model can be flexed to suit a range of business needs and we would be happy to discuss how to make it work best for you.

National Grid and Lloyds Banking Group have partnered to deliver this visit.

To find out more about this visit, please contact Grace Sung