National Seeing is Believing visit: Reducing re-offending through business intervention


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Visit led by: Marco Pagni, Group Legal Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer, Alliance Boots

Contrary to popular perception, almost 84,000 people are in prison in the UK and over 17% of the UK population between the ages of 18 and 52 has a criminal conviction. These statistics reflect the fact that many people than one might anticipate, will at some stage in their lives pick up a criminal conviction.

Re-offending is a critical issue for our society, estimated to cost the UK £11 billion per year, but we know that employment reduces the likelihood of re-offending by up to 50%.  Providing access to employment opportunities helps to reduce the cycle of re-offending by giving people an alternative to the revolving door of prison. 

After the visit, we ask each delegate to reflect on what they have seen and to take action within their business. Participants are supported by the BITC team in turning their experience into practical action, benefiting both business and society.

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