Peer Learning Forum: Embedding agile working


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London EC1N

Peer Learning Forum in partnership with Capgemini UK

This event will look at ways in which organisations are embedding agile working, so that businesses can meet their objectives whilst at the same time retaining and supporting staff to work in a flexible way, that promotes overall staff engagement and wellbeing.

  • Aims of event
  • Dispel myths around gender and explore similarities and differences between men and women’s experiences
  • Share and gather further insights into how embedded agile working is within organisations
  • Broaden interest in a wider range of agile working solutions, based on job-design
  • Gain insight into solutions for overcoming the challenges of agile working in client-facing roles, and the impact of agile working on customer experiences
  • Improve understanding of the value of a bespoke business case for embedding agile working
  • Enhance knowledge of the benefits, and potential pitfalls of agile working on employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

Drawing from good practice across our Diversity partners and the findings of our forthcoming Equal Lives report, we will explore the following themes:

Men and women’s experience of flexible working
Developing a bespoke business case
Job design-led approaches to meet the needs of all parties
How to foster a culture based on outputs, not visibility
Wellbeing and inclusion of flexible workers
Through this lens, we will address many of the perceived barriers, such as client-facing roles, technology and the impact on the customer experience. Best practice examples and recommendations will be shared. Delegates will then have group discussions under Chatham House rules.
Tea and coffee have generously been provided by our hosts, Capgemini UK.

This event is designed for Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion leaders, and others with a remit around agile working.
Please note: this is a free event open to BITC Wellbeing and Diversity partners.

Details for booking and further information
Please contact Hayley Bennett for booking and further information. 
Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.