The Prince’s Seeing is Believing Visit: Tackling Food Poverty - Leeds


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Led by Asda, in this Seeing is Believing visit we’ll highlight the increasing problem of food poverty in the UK and explore the breadth of the challenge facing communities today.

Green text on white background saying AsdaFood poverty is pervasive across society affecting those in work as well as out, and directly impacting on businesses. The visit will also look at the opportunities for businesses to engage with small or large steps to tackle this issue.

Right now, in the UK 8.4 million people are struggling to afford to eat. One in 10 people in the UK are missing meals to pay their bills and one in four of those are children. And yet, four million tonnes of perfectly decent food is wasted each year in the UK (source: Asda). We cannot accept food being wasted whilst people in our communities go hungry. Earlier this year Asda joined forces with FareShare and The Trussell Trust to develop a truly innovative new partnership that will revolutionise the support foodbanks in the UK are able to offer people in food poverty.
Breakfast on arrival. Lunch will be included. 

The visit starts at 08:00 and will finish at the same location at 14:30. Speakers and visits include: FairShare, The Trussell Trust, Asda, Emsleys and St Vincents Support Centre.
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This event is by invitation only
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For more information contact Chelsie Riley, Leadership Engagement Coordinator