RBWeek Conference: Innovating for a sustainable future and business success


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3M Innovation Centre Bracknell

This one day Responsible Business Week conference hosted by 3M, in partnership with Business in the Community, is for businesses of all sectors and sizes. Join us and hear from those successfully integrating sustainability and innovation.

This event will offer plenty of opportunities to learn, share and workshop with the companies that are integrating social and environmental thinking into corporate strategies and processes, and hear about some of the challenges they faced and overcame - including 3M, the diversified technology company renowned for its culture of collaboration and innovation. 3M logo

Panel debate

Our panel will discuss innovation that addresses societal and environmental needs is the only way forward. Panel members will include:

Sally Uren, CEO of Forum for the Future
Ian Ellison, Sustainability Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
Samuel Etherington,Founder of Aqua Power Technologies Limited
Daniel Teichmann, CEO Hydrogenious
Andrew Hinkly, Executive Head, Anglo Platinum Marketing Ltd
Wynne Lewis, Technical Director R&D at 3M UK


Experts from the following companies will be joining us in the workshops: Fujitsu, KPMG, Ape, Clarity Sustainability, Longevity Partners, Bouygues, Orbit Group, Hydrogenious, Adnams, 3M and Kingfisher.

Delegates can attend two from the following workshops:

Participants can also join a tour of 3M's state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Centre, which was formally opened by Professor Brian Cox in September 2014.

  1. How to embed a culture of sustainability and innovation

    Sustainability leaders don't just rely on the values of the company or the goodwill of their people to ensure sustainability is factored into the innovation process - they set targets, agree measurement processes and provide tools and incentives. Hear how a variety of organisations use different approaches to embed a culture of sustainability and innovation.

  2. The new role of the customer in the marketplace

    Companies are realising that they are not able to reach their sustainability goals without engaging customers and influencing their behaviour to become more sustainable. Learn how to address these issues from our panel of experts, who have experience both on B2B and B2C issues.

  3. How to collaborate with supply chains to boost innovation

    To successfully and continually create greater value, increase innovation and improve efficiency, it is essential to work closely with your supply chain and for suppliers to really understand the problems and challenges you and your customers or clients are facing. Hear from companies who are successfully collaborating with their suppliers to boost innovation, particularly with new products and solutions that address social and environmental challenges.

  4. How can innovation and creativity serve to make our cities and growing urban areas fit for the future?

    Today, 50 per cent of the world's population lives in cities; by 2050 it is estimated that will rise to 70 per cent. Our cities are becoming increasingly congested and gridlocked and governments across the world need to quickly build more cheap housing for rising urban populations. We are going to have to be smarter about the way we build and live in urban areas. Hear from the leading voices who are staying ahead of the evolving landscape, building innovative networks and efficient infrastructure to deliver better services.

  5. How do you navigate the future?

    The pace of change is speeding up and companies must keep pace and innovate or lose a valuable opportunity. Incremental changes to the way we do things may not be enough for the challenges facing the planet and its population. That’s why leaders in sustainability have bold, audacious goals and are thinking about transformational change over the longer term. Is there now a need to look at more distant horizons and invest now for our future world?

Delegates can also book tours of 3M's state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Centre.