The Real Conversation - Youth Engagement and Progression


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Liberty Stadium
Swansea SA1 2FA

The Real Conversation gives employees and their potential future employees the chance to talk to one another, with young people gaining an insight into the skills required in today's employment market, and employers to share knowledge and find out about the aspirations of tomorrow's workforce.

What is the Real Conversation about?

We all know it's good to talk. The Real Conversation aims to provide a way of having a better dialogue with people and build mutual understanding. The Welsh Government aims to make it easier for people to understand the challenges we are facing in the current economic climate.

Just as importantly, we want to get better at listening and understanding. By raising awareness and stimulating debate, we will be more informed and better decisions can be made.

The events are highly interactive and we hope you will find it engaging with questions that will stimulate alongside facilitated table discussions. It is vital that we get the right mix of people at the event so we have a balanced view across all stakeholders.

This next conversation will focus on young people's views and experiences of progressing through school, work and training.

Booking your place

To provisionally book your place, please email with your details.

Why is it happening?

We are all aware that too many young people still disengage from education, training and employment. We want to understand the challenges young people face and help them to overcome them, so that they all have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

For young people

The Real Conversation is your chance to speak directly to decision makers and tell us like it is on the difficulties you have encountered gaining the right qualifications and work. We really want to know what you think and how you feel, so getting feedback is crucial.

For employers

Come and listen first-hand to what young people have to say. Don't think that young people have the skills you need? Do you consider young people to be negative and disillusioned? The Real Conversation is your opportunity to influence today's youth and, at the same time, perhaps be surprised as to what young people actually have to offer your business.

For other professionals

Are young people being given the right opportunities? How can we make organisations work better together? These are just some of the areas we will be discussing in relation to youth engagement, employment and progression.

The Real Conversation is run by the Welsh Government in partnership with Business in the Community.