Responsible Business Webinar: Purpose Toolkits


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Evidence mounts that purpose driven businesses who seek to contribute to the betterment of society, experience faster market growth and better meet customer and employee needs. This webinar aims to help delegates understand the tools that embed purpose authentically into commercial activities, and to understand the business case for being a purpose driven brand.

Understand the value of purpose to your organisation

Purpose-driven brands seek to improve society and have a positive impact on people’s lives. Mounting evidence shows these businesses are performing well in terms of market growth, meeting changing customer needs and getting the most out of their employees.

The purpose of the webinar is for delegates to:
• Examine the business case for being a purpose-driven brand
• Understand the tools to embed purpose authentically into commercial activities
• Explore how action planning brings together cross-functional departments and effectively drives change

This webinar will be of most benefit to participants who:
• Have an intermediate understanding of purpose, are ambitious to develop their skills and wish to drive a best practice approach to embedding purpose within their company
• Work for a company which has developed, or is developing, a purpose strategy
• Have strategic influence

Who should attend?
• CR Managers / Heads of
• Brand / PR / Marketing Managers / Heads of
• Strategic Heads / Executive Directors in charge of strategy
• HR managers / Heads of