The role of universities in nurturing future leaders, innovation and economic competitiveness


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GCU London London E1 6PX

UK business, and our economy as a whole, clearly benefit from a thriving university sector, and higher education is a sector where the UK is successful on a global scale. At this event a panel will provide their thoughts on the current state of the university sector, and its social and economic impact.

Part of Responsible Business Week 2014, in partnership with Veolia Environnement
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By educating and training highly-skilled people, higher education gives them the qualities needed by UK businesses to stay ahead of the competition. It has shaped the development of new products and services within UK industry, and helped to improve businesses’ strategy, management, and productivity.

We will be asking, what’s the state of the university sector today? How has the sector changed in recent years? Is university research serving as a platform for economic growth? Are universities nurturing work-ready graduates and postgraduates or the kind of people that will challenge the status quo? (intrapreneurs and disruptive innovators, helping to create a new market and value, people that innovate and deliver new types of products and services products).

There will be an opportunity for attendees to discuss the issues raised during the event.


Responsible Business Week is the largest annual conversation about responsible business.

The debate on Responsible Leadership remains in the spotlight and the trust deficit in business remains a major concern. On 1 April, we will be moving the leadership debate forward and supporting our leading companies to create a culture within their business that works towards, and values the common good.

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