Scottish National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights Workshop


Time: to

144 Morrison Street
Edinburgh EH3 8EB

This workshop will allow businesses of all sizes and from all sectors to share best practices and the challenges that they have faced in respecting human rights in Scotland and globally.


The event will also provide a structured review and opportunity to comment on the Scottish National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights National Baseline Assessment.


  • Highlight actions businesses in Scotland are already taking that respect human rights
  • Explore why businesses make the effort to consider human rights in their operations and relationships
  • Discuss whether the NBA recommendations accurately reflect the experiences of businesses in relation to human rights in Scotland
  • Identify gaps or issues not covered in the NBA
  • Suggest where more information or research would be useful
  • Focus on what further support and/or guidance businesses would find useful, both from government, independent experts and within the business community itself
  • Agree on the priority areas to be addressed in a NAP for Scotland
  • Invite participation in the drafting of a NAP for Scotland

This event is hosted by PwC and is being conducted in partnership with the Scottish Commission on Human Rights, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Scottish Government.

How to book:

Please e-email to reserve your place.