Seeing is Believing visit: scaling up local impact through business connectors


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Visit led by Michael Keegan, Head of UK & Ireland, Fujitsu

Business Connectors are talented individuals seconded from business, trained by BITC, and placed in communities of greatest need. They connect businesses with community organisation striving to tackle social challenges. Business Connectors are already having transformational impact on communities across the country.

Businesses have a responsibility to understand the communities in which we work. The experience of being a Business Connector provides a unique opportunity for people to develop skills and behaviours, broaden horizons and discover new ways of working.

This Seeing is Believing visit will give senior executives first-hand insight into the need that exists in our communities and how Business Connectors can make a significant impact in these areas.  Senior representatives from seconding companies will also share invaluable learning from their experiences of participating in the programme.

Read about a previous Seeing is Believing visit on the Business Connectors programme to find out more about what to expect from the day.

For more information about the visit please contact Grace Sung.