Seeing is Believing visit: Tackling youth unemployment through sport


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NOW FULLY BOOKED. Visit led by Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK.

Jaguar Land Rover logoOver 950,000 16-24 year olds in the UK are identified as NEET – Not in Education, Employment or Training.  There are over 100,000 NEETS in London alone, and as well as being outside of work, these young adults are often facing economic deprivation, social isolation and crime within their communities.

They may be talented, ambitious and harbouring huge inner potential, but these young people are lacking in the support networks and opportunities to flourish that we often take for granted. As businesses look ahead to their future workforce, supporting these young peopel represents a significant opportunity to make real change, both for disadvantaged youths and their communities, and businesses' own workforces.

This visit will explore the potential of organised sport for helping young people tackle unemployment, social isolation, crime and gang culture.

By exploring the tried and tested rugby social inclusion programme “HITZ”, we will see how dedicated community sports organisations – partnered with business – offer the attraction of sport, the support of a team and the guidance of educational mentors to attract and nurture young talent from deprived areas into meaningful and successful careers. Skills developed in this way reach far beyond the pitch, and instil confidence, commitment and capability in the beneficiaries, while building a qualified future workforce for business.

For more information about the visit please contact Chris Taylor.