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Learn how to gain traction for your company’s responsible business programme. This module was developed in conjunction with Cranfield University and will give you the tools you need to identify changes you want to make and drive the process from wherever you sit in the organisation.

Course objectives 
At the end of this course, attendees will:

  • Recognise their organisational context and the related enablers and barriers to implementing change for corporate responsibility (CR).
  • Understand which tools to use to drive change.
  • Identify the change their CR programme is trying to create, how to prioritise issues and manage change projects.
  • Understand how to effectively drive change from their position in the organisation.

Delegate organisations will benefit from:

  • A bespoke action plan for initiating a specific change programme for CR
  • More effective identification and delivery of financial, social and environmental goals
  • A more efficient and effective approach to integrating CR

Course outline

  • Understanding your change context – evaluating your organisation's corporate responsibility maturity and values, the specific issues you face, and your own skills and capabilities.
  • Using change management for corporate responsibility – what changes are required to integrate CR, and what enablers, obstacles and drivers exist. Special attention is given to driving change from a position of limited authority.
  • Change management tools and techniques – how to use them to provide a clear case for change, overcome obstacles and leverage enablers.
  • Managing change – how to break down your initiative into manageable parts, continuous communication, conflict management, key performance indicators and timelines.
  • Company guest speaker – a speaker from a leading company that has undergone successful change will present their approach to corporate responsibility and managing change.

Who should attend?
The course is designed for anyone with responsibility for integrating and embedding aspects of CR within their organisation. You may be a CR Manager or have responsibility for a specific aspect of CR. Your job is to drive change through the organisation to increase financial, social and environmental performance. The course assumes a basic level of corporate responsibility knowledge. 

Price per individual module

  • BITC members £640 +VAT
  • Non-members £800 +VAT

Companies can take out an Responsible Business Management Training partnership through their core BITC membership.

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