Training course: Engaging Employees through CR


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This course looks at how to use Corporate Responsibility to engage your employees and how to use engaged employees to embed your Corporate Responsibility.

Engaging employees is a critical ingredient of a responsible business. This course looks at the business case for corporate responsibility, ways motivate employees through CR, and ways to measure outcomes.

Are you trying to:ILM logo

  • Make staff feel better about working for your organisation and more willing to go the extra mile?
  • Improve your employee opinion scores?
  • Reduce your employee turnover?
  • Improve levels of innovation?
  • Enhance customer service?

These are all well-recognised outcomes of having an engaged workforce.

Course objectives 
At the end of this course, attendees should:

  • Understand how their organisation's culture and systems affect the ways in which it is able to engage with employees
  • Understand key behaviours that signal success
  • Have gained insights into a range of techniques including: dispersing ownership, raising awareness and social marketing.

Course outline

  • Defining organisational and personal needs
  • Understanding the challenges
  • Recognising drivers that help inspire and motivate
  • Presentations by two guest speakers with further company examples
  • Outline of the essentials for success
  • Useful tools and approaches
  • Identifying actions to take forward

Who should attend?

Corporate Responsibility practitioners, HR Professionals and managers of other functions, such as communications, marketing or any other section of a business with an interest in supporting employee engagement.

If you represent an SME with less than 250 employees a discounted rate may be available. 
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