Webinar: Age at Work - Getting Started


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This webinar will provide an introduction to issues related to ageing workforces and intergenerational teams

The population is ageing. The birth rate has declined year on year since 2012, the baby boomers are moving towards retirement, and people are living longer than any previous generation. Between 2017 and 2022 there will be 300,000 fewer people aged 16-24 and 800,000 more people aged 50-64.

This will have a significant impact on the workplace and the talent supply, and it is increasingly important to be able to retain older workers for longer. Employers need to start taking action on supporting a multi-generational and ageing workforce now, to ensure sustained business success in the future.

This webinar introduces the issues related to ageing workforces and intergenerational teams. We will explain:
  • why it is important to employees and businesses alike to take action on age

  • what is driving older workers out of employment before they reach State Pension age

  • how employers can improve their policies and practice to retain, retrain and recruit an older workforce, and make the most of multi-generational team

We will also showcase innovative employer case studies and make key recommendations for action

This webinar is for managers and practitioners in HR, Diversity and Inclusion, or other people taking action on the ageing workforce as part of their role.  It is aimed at people who are starting out and considering putting age on their business and diversity agenda.
This webinar is free for BITC members and members of the Age Campaign.
How to book
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