Webinar: Ensuring Everyone Benefits


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Join this webinar being held in partnership with Salary Finance, on improving financial wellbeing through employee benefits.

One in eight workers living in poverty, struggling to meet basic needs1. This is having a huge impact on businesses as employees are less engaged, less productive and more likely to be looking for other jobs.

The principle of good work – employment that offers security, rights and a fair income, opportunity for progression and a supportive and inclusive environment – is key for employers wanting to address these challenges. Employee benefits can be an effective tool to improve the working lives of all your employees.
But how can businesses ensure their benefits package is meeting the needs of their workforce? And how can they support people who may be struggling financially?
Business in the Community (BITC), in partnership with Salary Finance, is launching a new toolkit to help HR teams create an employee benefits package that improves financial wellbeing. Salary Finance were Business in the Community's Responsible Small Business of the Year 2018. They are one of UK's fastest growing fintech (financial technology) companies focused on financial wellbeing in the workplace. 
In this webinar, attendees will:
  • find out more about Good Work for All – promoting jobs that provide security, rights and a fair income – and the role of employee benefits
  • hear from expert speakers
  • learn how to tailor employee benefits packages to meet the needs of the workforce and how best to embed and communicate this change.
Who should attend this event?
This event is suitable for human resources practitioners. It is free to members and non-members of BITC.
Contact details and further information
Full joining instructions will be sent before the event. Contact Andreia Kristensen, Team Coordinator – Work Inclusion at BITC for more information.
  1. UK Poverty 2017: Country reaches turning point after rises in child and pensioner poverty; Joseph Rowntree Foundation; available at jrf.org.uk