Webinar: Fair Work First Consultation


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​By the end of the 2021 parliament, the Scottish Government will have extended Fair Work criteria to many funding streams, business support grants and public contracts. This webinar is an opportunity to discuss what that means in practice for Scottish businesses and influence the implementation.

​By the end of this parliament in 2021, the Scottish Government will extend Fair Work criteria to as many funding streams, business support grants and public contracts as they can. This means to receive support, businesses will have to: 
  • show appropriate commitment and investment in skills and training
  • make no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts
  • take action to tackle the gender pay gap
  • display genuine workforce engagement
  • pay the real Living Wage.
As this policy is developed, the Scottish Government is consulting with business to identify what Fair Work First means in practice for them. This will assist them in shaping Scottish Government thinking as the policy develops.
For businesses, this consultation is an opportunity to share best practice against these areas but also to highlight challenges to achieving the various standards under consideration, especially as these may differ by business size and sector. The aim is to influence the implementation of Fair Work First to ensure that it also supports businesses providing fair work.
  • 9.30am: Welcome and introductionsCynthia Marks (Business in the Community Scotland)
  • 9.45am: Setting the context of Fair Work FirstRosalind Wilson (Scottish Government)
  • 9.55am: Group discussion on the aspects of Fair Work First and how it would affect businesses looking at minimum expected standards, how businesses would evidence various elements and how they would affect a business
  • 11.15am: Scottish Government feedback on next steps for this policyRosalind Wilson
  • 11.25am: Summary and thanks Cynthia Marks
  • 11.30am: Call ends
Guest speakers 
Rosalind Wilson, Scottish Government Fair Work unit
Who should attend this event? 
Ideal attendees for this consultation would be senior business leaders in HR, grants and procurement, policy, and public affairs and operations, especially those who are or plan to bid for Scottish Government contracts, grants or other funding. This call is open to all businesses operating in Scotland.
Booking and further information
Contact Cynthia.Marks@bitc.org.uk, Senior Manager – Operations and Policy, Business in the Community.

Full joining instructions will be provided before the event.