Webinar: Gender pay gap reporting


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How to write a transparent narrative: Support and advice on the best way to communicate your gender pay gap.

Gender pay gap reporting is becoming a priority for more and more employers, not just a statutory responsibility. Proactive, voluntary transparency will serve to improve employee engagement and retention, increase employee trust, and enhance your reputation as a responsible employer. The Gender Equality Campaign is here to provide you guidance on best practice when publishing your gender pay gap. 

The purpose of the workshop is for delegates to: 
Understand how best to communicate your pay gap internally and externally 
Decide how to write your accompanying narrative along with the gender pay data.
This workshop will be of most benefit to participants who:
Want to know what ‘good’ looks like in gender pay gap reporting
Remain uncertain on why publishing a narrative is important and beneficial 
Have received an adverse reaction from employees or the media on their previous gender pay gap report.
Who should attend?
HR managers / Heads of who are responsible for publishing and mitigating their organisation’s gender pay gap.
Brand / PR / Marketing Managers / Heads of who are responsible for communicating their organisation’s gender pay gap.
Please note, this webinar is free for Business in the Community members and for BITC Gender/Age/Race partners.

Contact for further information
Please contact Chloe Chambraud, Gender Equality Director, for more information.