Webinar: Gender Pay Gap Reporting - Where does your pay gap come from?


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Support and advice on the best way to understand your gender pay gap. A webinar in partnership with GEO

Gender pay gap reporting is becoming a priority for more and more employers, not just a statutory responsibility. Last year, over 10,000 employers reported their figures, but how many understood those? The pay gap can be explained by a mix of factors: the over-representation of women in lower-paying roles and low-paid sectors, the fact that women still carry most responsibility for caring and unconscious bias and discrimination. How do these play out in your organisation? GEO logo

In this webinar, we will provide you with some practical tools to understand where your pay gaps come from and help you identify your gaps. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and organisational barriers to women’s progression, leading to their lower earning potential. 

Understanding the causes of your organisation’s unique pay gap is crucial: not only will it form a critical part of your narrative and your public reporting strategy, it is essential for developing a robust, evidence-based action plan to close the gap.

The purpose of the workshop

  • Understand the causes of the pay gap and how they may play out in their organisations
  • Calculate other pay gaps to identify what the driving factors are behind their pay gap
  • Enhance the contextual narrative along with the gender pay gap data figures

What are the benefits of attending? 

  • Want to know why they have a pay gap 
  • Want to understand what ‘good’ looks like in gender pay gap reporting
  • Remain uncertain on why understanding the factors for their pay gap is important

Who should attend?

  • HR managers / Heads of who are responsible for publishing and mitigating their organisation’s gender pay gap
  • Brand / PR / Marketing Managers / Heads of who are responsible for communicating their organisation’s gender pay gap

Contact for further information 
Kaammini Chanrai, Gender Research and Policy Manager.T: 020 7566 8788