Webinar: An introduction to building a business and school partnership


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More businesses than ever are working with schools and young people from providing insights into the world of work, senior business people becoming school governors to supporting a school sports day. All interventions are valuable but longer-term needs-led strategic partnerships can provide deeper impact for both the business and school. 

The purpose of the webinar

  • Introduce school business partnerships including the business case 
  • Begin to touch on some of the key principles behind what makes a successful school business partnership 

The webinar will be of most benefit to participants who: 

  • Are new or just starting to think about working with schools 
  • Have already started working with a school(s) but want to explore how to drive greater benefit for the business, school, pupils and wider community. 
  • Want to explore different ways of managing their school and business partnerships 

Who should attend

  • Senior manager level within an SME 
  • Senior manager level in larger companies, usually within human resources, corporate or community affairs  

Light refreshments will be served.

Contact for more information 
Please contact Cheryl Phillips <Cheryl.Phillips@bitc.org.uk>,Head of Campaigning, Education for more information

Full joining instructions will be disclosed on booking